There are four committed partners running Flugbus.  Transport companies Luzern, Heggli AG and Bus & Service AG (Chur Bus) currently take you from Lucerne and the surrounding area, or from Graubünden to Zürich Airport.  During the autumn holiday we also transport you to EuroAirport Basel and back.  Another route with our partner Autoverkehr Grindelwald AG is in the planning stage at present.


Verkehrsbetriebe Luzern

Verkehrsbetriebe Luzern (VBL) is the managing transport company of the Flugbus Project.  VBL is responsible for the Beckenried – Lucerne – Zürich Airport route and for the Beckenried – Lucerne – EuroAirport Basel route.

Link to Verkehrsbetriebe Luzern

Flugbus Domat/Ems - Chur - Landquart - Zürich Flughafen

Chur Bus (Bus and Service AG)

Chur Bus is responsible for the route Domat/Ems – Chur – Landquart – Zürich Airport.  Chur Bus customer service is always happy to assist you.  The journey will be undertaken by the transport company Heggli AG on behalf of Chur Bus.

Link to Chur Bus

Heggli AG

The transport company Heggli AG operates the routes Beckenried – Lucerne – EuroAirport Basel and Domat / Ems – Chur – Landquart – Zürich Airport.

Link to Heggli AG

Oberland Reisen

Autoverkehr Grindelwald AG

The transport company Oberland Reisen operates the route Grindelwald – Interlaken – Zürich Airport and return.

Link to Oberland Reisen